City International School
in Collaboration with Dainik Jagran Presents
Lucknow's Largest Fun-N-Learn Camp


CATEGORY 1: Parent-Child Toddlers to Age 7
CATEGORY 2: For Ages 8 to 15


  1. An on-going Summer Camp for the entire duration of the Summer till June 26.
  2. Join any day for for any number of days. Try to make it at least three weeks.
  3. Morning, afternoon and evening time activities.
  4. Flat low fee regardless of number of days.
  5. No refunds or discounts. We are running this camp as a service.
  6. Children will create portfolios for keeps.
  7. Camp will culminate in Talent Show on 25-26 June. E-Certificates will be given out. All family members and friends are invited.
  8. An exciting program awaits! We look forward to your participation!!


Recent graduates from schools and colleges and other talented individuals of all ages are invited to help us as interns at this Summer Camp. You may share your amazing talent with the children as a guest for one day or the entire duration of the Camp depending upon what you have to share and where you can be fitted in. We look forward to your being a part! Please call or whatsapp on 911 50 99992. An Internship Certificate will be given.


Category 1 Timings: One and a half hour sessions per day. These sessions are repeated twice a day to accommodate children in the afternoon or evening timings.

Category 2 Timings: Each team meets for fifty minutes. Teams are often repeated in the afternoons, so that children can choose the best possible timings for them.

Carmel Yaganagi and Mohsina Mirza
911 50 99992, 95 800 58888

Learn From The First 'Drone Girl' of India

Technical Difficulties?
Talk to Technical Head, Manish Srivastava
99 845 58888 or Whatsapp 86 047 72140

 +91 911 509 9992
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Summer Camp 2021

CATEGORY 1: Parent-Child Activties For Toddlers to Age 7

  • Children are sub-divided into different age groups, A: Toddlers to 3, B: 3 to 5, C: 5 to 7. Parents can review the program to decide which is the best group for your 3 or 5 year old.
  • Mothers, fathers, grandparents and other family members may join the activities in support of the child.
  • A flat fee of ₹ 1000 applies regardless of duration of participation. Get E-certificate for your child for keeps! Children may join anytime as everyday there are new activities.
  • Attention CIS/NIS Children: A discount of 50% (or ₹ 500) will apply. Verification may be required.


CATEGORY 2: For Children 8 to 15 Years of Age

  • A fee of ₹ 450 per selected TEAM will apply for the entire duration of the program of 6 weeks. This includes certificates.
  • Each team will meet for 50 mins everyday Monday to Friday for six weeks starting Monday 17 May.
  • Each child can select a maximum of 4 Teams. Children can join later or leave earlier but are asked to participate in the Talent Show at the end of the Summer Camp on 25 and 26 June, 2021. There is no discount for partial attendance. All arts and crafts materials, instrucments, etc., have to be arranged by the parents at their own end.
  • *Attention CIS / NIS students: You will be getting free access to attend English Magnates (TEAM A) and Math Zealots (TEAM B). This represents a discount of ₹ 900 (450+450). Verification you are a CIS/NIS student will be required. The children can select up to 2 other TEAMS for ₹ 450 per Team. You will get certificates for each TEAM you attend.
TEAM A: English Magnates
TEAM B: Math Zealots    
TEAM C: STEM Innovators
TEAM D: Music Producers  
TEAM E: Dancing Droves
TEAM F: Creative Bunch    
₹ 450


Total Payable:0

CATEGORY 1: MOTHER-CHILD Activities (Toddlers to 7 years of age unless your child of Age 7 wants to join the TEAMS in Category 2)
CATEGORY 2:Fun N Learn for 8 to 15 year olds (you can add your child of 7 years of age if she/he prefers to be here)
About Team:Choose a Maximum of 4
Other Information: